Find Your Awesome with Jillian Bolanz


Jillian Bolanz on Superpowers

Jillian Bolanz is a Life and Business Coach, mamapreneur, writer, speaker and an ambassador for self-love and empowerment. She’s the host of the Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz podcast and the True You Live event happening in Portland, Maine in October 2018.

Jillian helps motivated women loosen their grip on force and control, lean into trust and create the lives and businesses they truly want. She helps women spread their truth and make an enormous impact on the world in a way that feels life-giving and joyful to them.

This conversation is energetic, sparkly and slightly sassy. We talk about Jillian’s path to being onstage at her first live event and we dig deep into super powers and trust. We had a lot of fun creating this for you. Listen up and let the laughter and wisdom bombs bring some sunshine to your life.


“We try to downplay our superpowers or we try to shrug off what we’re really freaking good at because of a number of things. We don’t want to end up getting hurt by seeming like we are full of ourselves by stating it. Or we don’t want to make other people feel smaller because we’re standing in our light. I know these things because I’ve felt them before.”

“As entrepreneurs, especially early in the game, we forget to learn.”

“We spend so much time in the busyness of the world that we forget that we need us too.”

“As you do what you say you want to do, you start establishing a level of trust within yourself.”

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