Find Your Awesome with Erica Ballard


Erica Ballard:
“How you treat food is a reflection of how you live your life.”

Erica Ballard is a Healthy Living Expert and Coach who helps women and men all over the country ditch the diets, drop the self-sabotage, and finally gain control over their food and health. She specializes in upping one’s productivity and focus through food and works closely with clients to identity foods and habits that fuel their professional and personal goals.   

Erica believes better food leads to a better life and is on a mission to show people that they can enjoy healthy lives despite their busy schedules. 

This is a fun conversation with a whole lot of truth bombs. We talk about health, community, self worth, sleep, meditation, and, of course, food. Erica doesn’t hold anything back and that’s one of the things I adore about her. Prepare to take notes, friends, there are some gems in this episode.


“What’s your bullshit story around food? (Because you have one.)”

“How you treat food is a reflection of how you live your life.”

“On the other side of pain is joy, but people don’t want that pain… but that’s how you get to joy.”

“Food is actually really fucking easy.”

“You have to continue the work if you want to continue the self love.”


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