Find Your Awesome with Annie McIlvaine


Annie McIlvaine: “You can make it as hard as you want.”

Annie McIlvaine is a strategist, a relationship builder, an organizer, and a fun-instigator. After searching for fulfillment working in event management, media production, and brand marketing, she stumbled into the leadership development field and found a calling.

A reformed Type A perfectionist, today Annie combines her natural skills with her professional background to help overwhelmed and overstretched professionals create space to live the life they love. She practices what she preaches by living her favorite life competing in triathlons, gardening, cooking, and playing with her two dogs and husband on the beach in sunny San Diego.

This is a fun and friendly conversation. We talk a lot about triathlon and share some stories about our early experiences in the sport. We dig into what it means to be an athlete and the unique overlap between athletes and entrepreneurs. Enjoy this one and laugh with us.

And remember, as Annie says, “You can make it as hard as you want.”

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