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Grace Presley: “You are a story worth loving”

Grace Presley is a storyteller, artist, educator, encourager, business owner and cohost of the We Need to Talk Podcast. She is the founder of You are a Story Worth Loving—a movement and community where your stories are supported and your voice is heard, serving as a gentle reminder that the stories of our lives are worth loving. This movement allows us to recognize and find our own inner voice and share our sacred stories while inviting others to remove the stigma and join in on the conversation of our lives. Grace runs a local TuesdaysTogether chapter in Mooresville, NC. She is a grateful mama, believer in naps and supporter of stepping into our truth and sharing our stories.

Grace and I dig into her past story of domestic violence, divorce, eating disorders and jail and celebrate her present story of motherhood, community, creativity and truth. Grace is a gift and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share her with you.

“The moment I exposed my truth is the moment I began to rewrite it.”
– Grace Presley

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