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Michael O’Brien on Resilience

Michael O’Brien is lucky to be alive. On July 11th, 2001, he was struck head-on by a speeding SUV while out on a training bike ride. He considers it his last bad day and shares his journey from being a human doer to a human being in his best-selling memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows, with all the proceeds going to the World Bicycle Relief.

Michael is an executive coach. He helps sales and marketing leaders who are juggling it all slay the internal feelings of worry and doubt so they can accomplish complete success.  

This is a powerful conversation. We talk about presence, resilience, fear and creating our own peloton. Michael is down-to-earth and inspiring, and his wisdom and stories have the power to change lives.

“We can worry ourselves sick, so why can’t we think ourselves well?”
– Michael O’Brien

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