Find Your Awesome with Jennifer Longmore


“We didn’t come here to contract; we didn’t come here to play small.”

- Jennifer Longmore

Jennifer Longmore is a success strategist for high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs who want to leave their mark on their organization and ultimately, the world. Over the past 15 years, Jennifer has worked with over 100,000 individuals from C-suite executives to politicians to entertainment industry A-players and more. Jennifer helps these high-performers get clear on their priorities and purpose, step into greater leadership roles, expand their wealth consciousness, achieve their goals, and ultimately live a more purposeful, prosperous, and joyful life and career. Her approach comes down to identifying your core purpose and impact, and then strategizing your game plan around that—incorporating emotional IQ, energy management to avoid burnout, and balancing work and personal life to keep productivity high. She also helps her clients increase their net worth by identifying and plugging any profit leaks.

“A lot of people don’t succeed in business because they have a Plan B. […] As long you have a Plan B, you’re never really all in.” 

- Jennifer Longmore 

Jennifer is not your typical business coach—no guests of the Find Your Awesome Podcast are “typical.” She’s an intuitive reiki master who reads Akashic records and has a gift for helping people heal so they can build the business of their dreams. In this conversation, Jennifer drops plenty of wisdom bombs as she shares her journey from forensic social work to corporate life to stepping into her power as an entrepreneur. 

“The great thing about business is that it pokes the wound that already needed to be healed.” 

- Jennifer Longmore  


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