Find Your Awesome with Jessica Broderick


Jessica grew up in Middlebury, CT and was always involved in sports, with a focus on swimming and running in high school. She also found the sport of triathlon in high school after attending some races as a spectator for her mom. She qualified for the Junior World Championships in 2009, and won Collegiate nationals as a freshman at the University of Colorado-Boulder, earning her a professional license. Jessica continued to train while earning a Bachelors degree in Journalism, and committed to the sport full time after graduating. Jessica earned National team status through performances including a World Cup podium at the Chengdu World Cup in 2014 and second place at Continental Championships. Jessica went on to race and earn three top 5 World Cup performances and race on the National team through 2016.  

Jessica took a much-needed year off from racing in 2017 and began coaching in the midst of a severe episode of depression. Coaching was a very natural process for her, and something she felt fulfilled by. She ultimately decided to return to racing in 2018, but despite renewed success, she decided to retire after her 2018 season, fully committing to listening to her heart and what truly makes her happy.  

“You can be healthy and fit; they are two very different things.”

- Jessica Broderick 

Jessica and I talk about what gives us a sense of identity and what it means to lose a part of what we feel makes us who we are. We dig into grief and how it’s a personal process, including Jessica’s process as she retired from professional triathlons. We also talked about finding out what brings you joy and going after it—and learning how to find balance in that passion. I invite you to listen in to our conversation, and please share your thoughts and takeaways on social media.

“It’s our own responsibility in life, as we grow, to figure out what those things are, for each of us, to help us stay healthy.”

- Jessica Broderick

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