Find Your Awesome with Stacy Hartmann


Stacy Hartmann is the founder and creator of the Wealthy Minimalist Movement, where she partners with today’s expert thought-leaders, big-vision trailblazers, and high-impact entrepreneurs. By infusing online marketing and sales strategies with business energetics and the laws of the new entrepreneurial mindset, Stacy helps her clients unleash their potential to create wealth and make the difference they are meant to make in the world. Stacy is also a lead trainer and business mastermind facilitator for one of the top coach training schools in the world, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching where our mission is to raise the consciousness of the world one person at a time.

“Acceptance can’t exist wherever there is judgment.”

- Stacy Hartmann 

Stacy and I talk about wealth, trust and hustle vs. flow (you know where I stand on this: F the Hustle) in this episode. Stacy says, “When we decide to enter the river on the raft and flow down instead of swim up, it always works out. Success is inevitable. Wealth is inevitable. So long as we trust.” If this episode resonates with you, please share it and tag Stacy and me on social media.  

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