Find Your Awesome with Jessica Hetherington


Jessica Hetherington is a business and branding coach who works with powerhouse women who want the world to know their name. She believes the secret strategy to being successful in business is to have unshakeable confidence in your gifts. She helps female entrepreneurs to gain visibility and stand out in the online market so they can make an impact with income to match. Jessica is a speaker and works one-on-one with powerhouse women. She especially loves running her signature mastermind, Be Bold. 

“At any given time, we are all experiencing fear and doubt about something.”

- Jessica Hetherington

Jessica and I cover a lot of ground on this episode. She lays down some great truths, including the importance of showing up so people can know about know about you. We touch on the importance of authenticity and the fear and doubts that impact us all. Her message for everyone: The solution lies in learning how to deal with the fear and doubt and to just go ahead and do the thing you are scared of doing.

“You are either making an impact or you are hiding.”

- Jessica Hetherington

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