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New York Times Best Seller Christy Whitman is a highly sought-after life coach with hundreds of thousands of followers. Her very practical, action-based approach to applying the 7 essential laws to career, work and family balance to create tremendous abundance in people’s lives. Christy’s book QUANTUM SUCCESS: 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful, and Prosperous Relationship with Work & Money  gives readers examples of everyday people applying the same principles to their daily challenges—such as dealing with a micromanaging boss or generating a second stream of income i.e., the “side hustle”, while working a demanding day job. Christy offers an alternative—an energetic shift that opens us to all that is possible through the practice of mindset and paradigm shifts. Her writing is approachable, she is transparent about her own ups and downs with these laws and she engages readers from a specifically career- focused point of view.

“It’s how our universe functions. It’s kind of like knowing about gravity. You and I don’T have to sit there and think about gravity in order to not float out into outer space. Gravity is working whether we are talking about it or not.”

- Christy Whitman

You guys… I’m so excited to share this episode with you. Christy walks us through all seven laws and puts them in the context of real-life situations that can help you understand what is going on. She talks about what these laws have done for her and what it’s like to really commit to them. We delve deeper into the fear of success and how even the smallest stories can get in the way. And, we geeked out a bit on the power of words. This one might be a life-changer. Listen, take notes, share on social media and please share your takeaways.

“Doubt is resistance. Worry. Fear. All that stuff is resistance to the flow of receiving what you want.”

- Christy Whitman 

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