Find Your Awesome with Tanya Zucco

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Tanya is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, athlete, and business & success coach who believes we can have it all: more money, impact, and freedom so we can live a “life by design."  She is fueled by a belief that we all have a superpower—our “JAM”—and that with determination and by surrounding yourself with the right people, we can make it happen. She loves working with ambitious high-achieving women who are tired of the day-to-day grind and are ready to dream big and step up to take action to turn their skills and expertise into a successful business that supports a life they love.

“Everybody is an expert at something. Everybody is good at something. And if you can help somebody, it means that you have something that somebody else wants and needs.”

- Tanya Zucco

This short episode is for you if you’re feeling stuck or out of place in your current career or if you simply want more in your life. Tanya and I talk about the mindset behind entrepreneurship, creating your own life and lessons she learned from her career as a professional athlete. We packed a lot into 30 minutes. Enjoy and please share with someone who needs to hear this conversation. 

“Opportunities are everywhere. And if you just ask, and if you just reach out to people and talk to people, you’ll realize that.”

- Tanya Zucco 

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