Find Your Awesome with JJ Carolan


JJ Carolan On Speaking Truth and Finding Gifts

JJ Carolan loves coaching people to live a life less ordinary. She holds space for people to conquer their inner critics and build resilience so they can take bold risks and achieve their dreams.  As both a certified professional life coach and board certified behavior analyst, JJ is known for her blend of deep inner work paired with powerful outer action. She is mom to two awesome daughters who inspire her daily to push the envelope.

This was a fun conversation with a whole bunch of laughter. We talked about emotions, life seasons, indecision and finding glorious gifts in challenging situations. And JJ asks great questions that got me thinking and sharing my own experiences. Enjoy this gift.

Resources mentioned:

“Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion and Joy” by Panache Desai



“I can’t speak the real Truth and then not do something. The real Truth will eat you alive.”

“Sitting with discomfort in general is a good exercise for getting used to being a bigger container that is uncomfortable.”

“The more you exercise it out of the crisis, the more it’s available to you in the crisis.

“Let what’s real be real.”