Find Your Awesome with Kathleen Pizzello


Kathleen Pizzello:“Feel more. Think less.”

Kathleen Pizzello is a priestess, a witch, a Thai bodyworker, a Reiki practitioner, a yoga teacher and the owner of The Moon and the Mat yoga studio in Beverly, Massachusetts. In short, she’s a healer and a magic-maker.

Kathleen and I recently reconnected after 20+ years apart and whoa, friends, this goddess is powerful. I’m so excited to share her with all of you. In this conversation, we talk about Kathleen’s awakening to magic, the power of the moon, the key to powerful partnerships and so much more. I invite you to listen with your body, soul and notebook wide open.

And remember: “Choose your own adventure. Be the magician of your own life. You make the magic. You decide.”

To make your own wealth sachet, you’ll need:

2 parts cinnamon
2 parts lemon balm
1 part cinquefoil
1 part clove
1 whole vanilla bean
1 whole Tonka bean

Crush the vanilla bean and mix all ingredients. Add your essence. Carry in a green or purple cloth.


“If you allow yourself to crack open, the light comes in.”

“That’s the magic: knowing who you are and knowing what you want and moving from that place.”

“I think that when people tune into what they want it shows them who they are and where they’re at. It just gives people the ability to choose and that gives them freedom because they can choose whatever they want.”

“Feel more. Think less.”

“The moon is just a tool for us to notice ourselves.”

“When you feel connected to something, you feel better.”

“Do what you want. Be who YOU are.”

“Your intention, your feeling, is the most important thing in any part of life.”

“Living the dream doesn’t make the dream easy and it doesn’t make the dream not stressful ever. It just means that I’m doing exactly what I want and what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“When you tap into mystery, it leaves room for possibility.”

“Choose your own adventure. Be the magician of your own life. You make the magic. You decide.”

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