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Jordana Jaffe on Doing What Feels Good

Jordana Jaffe is a mindset coach and the founder of She helps entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed shift their thoughts and beliefs. In doing so, she helps them feel more confident, motivated and inspired to make their dreams a reality. She's an expert at busting through limiting beliefs, uncovering the story that's keeping you stuck, and then, working together with you, creating a new story that will help you achieve your goals, no matter what. 

This was a fun conversation. Jordana is a self-described “Oprah-tastic” “certainty whore” who has created her business her way, by doing what feels good. We talk about coming home to ourselves, finding what feels good and balancing business with life. And we discuss social media addiction, detox and reentry.

We invite you to ponder these two questions for yourself:

What does coming home to yourself mean to you?

What does feeling good mean to you?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just curious about what it might take to achieve your dreams, this conversation invites you to think differently.


“I think the ultimate thing is being able to take care of me while being able to take care of my family, but also being able to serve the world and community in a way that feels good—with none of those things compromising the others.”

“Even though we have names for all these things, if we stop naming things reflexively, we could appreciate them more and be more present.”

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