Find Your Awesome with Kyle Wright


Kyle is a former bartender, gamer geek, outdoor enthusiast and a relationship expert. His number on goal in life is to shift the paradigm around how men approach sex and relationships. We all deserve a modern approach to masculinity, sexuality and relationships—and he’s here to make it happen. According to him, when he first met his wife, Rachel, he acted like a total dick. Solid communication skills were NOT his strong suit back in those days. In fact, he avoided relationships altogether. When Rachel came along, he decided to step it up and become an amazing partner. It took work to change his habits, but his relationship is everything he could’ve imagined. Boys, in particular, are raised to believe their emotions are poison, but Kyle wants people to understand that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Kyle is the host of the podcast, Masculinity on the Rocks, where he puts on his bartending apron and chats with guests about modern masculinity. As co-founder of the Wright Wellness Center, he creates and leads many of the centers trainings and programs. 

Kyle and I walk through how a better understanding of masculinity can really improve life for both men and women alike. From helping men improve communication to embrace their feelings—all while still chopping wood and shooting guns if that is what floats your boat—we cover it all. If you have a man in your life (or you are a man) then there is plenty in this episode for you.

“Masculinity is the way of being a man in whatever way feels comfortable to that man.”

- Kyle Wright 

“It’s the biggest mistake men make in conversations with their partners—they try to fix it right away.”

- Kyle Wright 

“We all want to pretend like we’re special snowflakes and we’re the only individual feeling what we’re feeling. But if we can remove our heads from our asses for just long enough to realize that the guy next to me is feeling the same way and he’s not saying it for the same reasons I’m not saying it. That’s psychotic.”

- Kyle Wright 

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