Find Your Awesome with Lissa Michalak


Lissa Michalak is a movement hacker who can show you how to access your body's natural healing protocols using only movement. She went from an active life training Pilates teachers and chasing a three-year-old to being barely able to hobble down stairs when she herniated a low back disc in 2012. Six years later, she's taken up Shaolin kung fu and foam roll battles with her nine-year-old, and wants to get more people back to their pre-injury lives—and she can show you how to do it in way less than six years.

She lives and works in New York City, using movement magic to help entrepreneurs and employees alike heal their bodies, upgrade their lives, and realize that pain is not a necessary part of passing 40.

“People are still looking at their bodies as brain taxis.”

- Lissa Michalak 

If you didn’t already know, I am a huge movement and anatomy nerd and this conversation invites us all to dive deep into the nerdery of these bodies we inhabit. But my conversation with Lissa is far more than just about how our bodies move, we get into how that movement impacts how we think and feel. Our bodies are incredible things that can contribute to freeing our minds or it can tie us in to old injuries and old patterns of thinking. It’s your choice. To learn more about the body than you ever realized you needed to know, listen up!

“The yield is the prep before the jump. If you jump with straight legs you aren’t getting anywhere. The yield is getting down into your squat, into your prep – getting into the ground and connecting to the earth. Because if you don’t have the yield, you can’t push.”

- Lissa Michalak  

“Every breath you take, your heart gets a hug.”

- Lissa Michalak 

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