Find Your Awesome with Christian Sinclair


“The more you surrender, the better things get.”

- Christian Sinclair

Christian Sinclair is a spiritual mastery teacher, spiritual and intuitive coach, counselor, speaker, and author who has worked with thousands of people around the world for over 10 years. She teaches personal and spiritual mastery in life, health, relationships, finances, and business.  

Christian began her training and certifications in middle school, and has been training for over 20 years. Christian is an expert, certified or trained in a variety of spiritual practices. Having two parents who were figures in spiritual and metaphysical field, she spent her life around notable names in these fields. In 2016, Christian created The Spiritual Archetypes, and the correlating quiz, “What is Your Spiritual Archetype?” which went viral and has since been taken almost half a million times.  

 “There is a whole universe literally conspiring to give us the most amazing things. And if we just stopped trying to micromanage everything, we’d get to actually step back and see it.”

- Christian Sinclair 

What happens when you grow up surrounded by spiritual luminaries? You start developing an energy practice and gaining energy certifications in middle school, of course. Christian and I cover a lot of ground in this episode, including faith, abundance and the dangers of micromanagement when it comes to what you are asking God or the Universe to deliver. If you are curious about how the Universe communicates with us and the ways we sometimes miss out on the message, then get ready to take some notes!  

“What is the point if there is no expansion?”

- Christian Sinclair 

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