Find Your Awesome with Zachary Babcock


“In between that external stimulus and our response is our freedom to choose.”

- Zachary Babcock

From living with convicted felons in prison for over 5 years to rubbing elbows with multi-millionaires every day, Zachary Babcock is the host of the top-rated podcast Underdog Empowerment. He is a student of psychology, business, and marketing with a broad perspective from both extremes of life. He runs a podcast production company, Podcast Penthouse Media, and helps entrepreneurs launch and produce top shelf podcasts.

 “All I ever wanted was to be the father that I didn’t have growing up, and because of my poor decisions of going out and partying and not searching for another opportunity, now I am missing out on one of the most important moments in my life and their life.”

- Zachary Babcock

Buckle up for a wild underdog story. Zach Babcock is an ex-con who turned his life around after hitting rock bottom. We go through his story, but more importantly we dig into what drives him onward and his vision for the future. We talk about values; we talk about empowerment; we talk about giving people a second chance; we talk about our shared dislike for the term “fake it ‘til you make it”.

“There is a difference between acting as if and stepping into it, versus scamming people and promising something that you can’t deliver on.”

- Zachary Babcock

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