Find Your Awesome with Nicholas George


Nicholas George:
“When vulnerability knocks on your door, you have to open it.”

Nicholas George is a 19-year veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, a Professionally Certified Coach and a Men’s Mentor who helps people tap into their limitless potential using strategies and techniques to expand their consciousness in leadership, self-empowerment and wellness. In addition to his coaching practice, LivConsciously, Nicholas is a founder of the wellness initiative Active 8 Life and is a co-creator of The Hero’s Movement.

Nicholas’ passion of connection and service were born in the wake of his own personal storms in which he was given the opportunity to reach deeper to discover connection to his own universal self. As Nicholas evolves on his own personal journey of discovery, he strives to help others do the same by freeing the potential that every person has inside of them.

In this episode, we really dig into vulnerability and what it means for men, for parents and for all humans. We talk about managing our energy and emotions and investing in our own wellness. And we talk about Santa Claus. Nicholas drops a whole lotta wisdom in this episode, so lean in and listen closely.


“When I get past everything I know, I realize I don’t know a damn thing.”

“I used to have a really hard time being with my own anger and being with other people’s anger. And once I started accepting anger, things started to change exponentially for me because I realized that anger is a cover for vulnerability.”

“If vulnerability shows up, it’s there to bring you the truth.”

“Acceptance is about surrender and trusting yourself.”

“I don’t think vulnerability is meant to be faced alone until you’ve practiced for a bit.”

“The energy you experience does not belong to you. Let it flow through you.”

“We maintain everything. We take care of our cars and our houses and for whatever reason we seem to be at the bottom of the list. When the cars are gone and the houses are torn down, you’re still going to be there. You have to invest in your personal wellness.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Nicholas and his son still believe in Santa Claus

  • How to hold your children without holding onto their pain

  • How Nicholas stopped fighting vulnerability

  • How to experience another person’s energy without holding onto it for them


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