Find Your Awesome with Sarah True


Sarah True: “Nobody will ever care as much as you care.”

Sarah True is a two-time Olympian and three-time ITU World Medalist who has recently made the switch to long course non-draft triathlon as a professional. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, professional runner Ben True, and their dog. She and Ben have teamed up with Des and Ryan Linden to launch the coffee-roasting start-up Linden & True.

Sarah and I talked about the difference between short course draft-legal racing and Ironman training and racing. We talked about perspective and mindset and staying grounded and balancing life as an athlete and a business owner. We really dug deep here and Sarah shares some great gems like these:

“If you don’t love growth, you’re going to spend too much time being frustrated.”

“Nobody will ever care as much as you care.”

“The breaking and healing is part of the natural process.”

“We hold ourselves to impossible standards as humans, but we’re really just part of the whole model.”

Enjoy this experience.

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