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Raechel Anderson on Authenticity

Raechel Anderson is incredibly passionate about seeing people embrace who they are and what they’re meant to do and she incorporates that passion into everything she does as a coach, confidante, strategist, speaker, trainer, writer, friend, and human being.  

Raechel believes God doesn’t make extra humans, and that we’re all here to fulfill a unique Divine purpose. She believes people shouldn’t apologize for who they are, and that inner peace comes only when we live authentically and boldly as God created us.  

She believes the perfect temperature is 70 degrees, and air conditioning is what she’d bring to a deserted island, if she were only allowed one thing. She believes that cussing & praying are not mutually exclusive. She believes in always using the Oxford comma, and that adverbs are woefully underused in today’s discourse. She loves baseball, shoes, heist films, tacos, and Cherry Coke from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Raechel knows that part of her Divine purpose is helping others uncover their Divine purpose and create a life they can love, where they can both live that purpose, and care for themselves & their loved ones.

And Raechel has a contagious laugh and snort that I adore. This may be the most fun episode so far. We went everywhere, talking about coaching vs. consulting, taking off the masks we hide behind, Raechel’s former business as a coach for brides and so much more. This episode will lift your energy and enlighten you. Enjoy!

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