Find Your Awesome with Will Rezin


Will Rezin: “Now is all that ever exists for the body.”

Will Rezin is a high-performance coach. He works with influencers, high-performers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to master themselves from the inside-out.

Will believes that everything begins and ends inside of you, in your SOMA, your body. While the mind is a powerful tool, it is merely an interpreter of the systems that guide and direct your journey in this world. 

Will brings 20+ years of extensive study in ancient and esoteric teachings into his work. Everything he does in life is through the filter of symbolism. Through his years of studying human development he's found that almost every culture, in one way or another, has come to a similar conclusion about transformation: The key to changing the world is in your heart, in your body, in your nervous system. It all begins with you.

This is a pretty epic conversation. Will and I talk about somatic awareness, the definition of trauma, the role of the polyvagal nerve and fascia and then we dive deep into his experiences with mysticism and psychedelics. You will hear my mind be blown multiple times.

Will leaves us with a few gems to ponder:

“Now is all that ever exists for the body.”

“What keeps us stuck is the clinging.”

“The body naturally is in search of healing.”

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