Find Your Awesome with Shirley Harvey


Shirley Harvey is an Artist and Channel who uses her ability to channel directly from spirit to create beautifully unique sacred soul paintings for clients. Throughout all her work, Shirley has been fascinated with capturing the true soul's essence and exploring the light and the dark aspects of our true nature, bringing all our parts back home to ourselves. Her paintings capture the dance between the light and dark, and the multifaceted dimensions of our truth, using sacred color, sacred geometry and sacred sound, she weaves ritual and prayer into all her work, building layers of love light energy into each work of art. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Montreal, Canada with her son and 2 cats.

“We’re so keen when we dip to bolt back up again. But that dip is so special. That dip is so valuable; that’s where all the gems are. The gems are hidden deep in the earth.” 

- Shirley Harvey 

Welcome to a magical episode with a magical being. We talk about spiritual homes and getting out of your own way to let the universe speak through you. As always, people, the key is to trust like a mofo!  

“When we try to micromanage everything, it’s like we spend our whole time grasping and clutching at everything, and all we’re doing is making a bigger mess.”

- Shirley Harvey 

“It always was scary to surrender. I hated this word surrender and it felt to me like giving up. “Offering” feels so different.”

- Shirley Harvey 

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