Find Your Awesome with Patty Lennon


Patty Lennon is a business coach, keynote speaker and best selling author that inspires audiences to lead and sell with passion and purpose. She is an expert business coach that believes our businesses are not only a way to make money and contribute to our fellow humans but also a conduit for our soul’s evolution. Patty is committed to helping her fellow entrepreneurs learn to grow their businesses from a place of love rather than fear and experience the true power, prosperity and peace that arises when they do.

“If the worst emotions you encounter don't control you, you have real freedom.” 

- Patty Lennon

This is an emotional episode—and worth a listen! We start out talking about loss and the incredible importance of kindness to the value of remembering how to fly. We move on to discuss how women and men have different socializations around money, and how that impacts us all, particularly entrepreneurs. Pull up a chair and have a listen!    

“Your problem is a receiving problem.” 

- Patty Lennon  

“[For women] being able to limit the amount of money that goes out the door is the goal; whereas men are socialized to maximize the amount of money that comes in the door.” 

- Patty Lennon

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